Financial crimes commonly include: theft, fraud, tax evasion, bribery, money laundering, breach of trust, and forgery. These offences occur in a wide range of economic contexts including: securities, trading, banking, employment, real-estate, insurance, healthcare, transportation, the food and beverage industry, the service industry, taxation, and bankruptcy.

Financial investigations vary in complexity and length. They can be as simple as theft by an employee of a small business, or as complex as a multimillion dollar securities fraud scheme. Complex investigations will often involve searches and seizures relating to individuals, residences, and businesses. Depending on the nature of the charge, financial crimes can be prosecuted by a range of agencies such as the federal Canada Revenue Agency and the provincial Crown of Alberta. It is not uncommon for financial crime investigations to occur in conjunction to civil proceedings.

Individuals charged with financial crimes often suffer damage to their professional reputation and employment. They are often prohibited from engaging in financial transactions while awaiting trial. The penalties for a conviction are not limited to the possibility of incarceration. Convicted persons can be ordered to pay significant restitution, and be jailed in lieu of restitution payments.


Defense of financial crimes requires a strong foundational knowledge of the financial sector combined with an ability to conduct meticulous review of large amounts of documents. Yoav has worked on numerous financial crime cases ranging from thefts to major securities frauds and tax evasion. He maintains the CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) credential and regularly attends financial conferences to stay on the cutting edge of Canada’s financial landscape.



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