Regulatory offences relate to non-criminal or quasi-criminal rules of conduct that govern everyday life. The purpose of regulatory offences is to minimize the risk and harms that occur during everyday activities ranging from obeying the rules of the road, public health, bankruptcy , taxes, and health and safety in the workplace.


Regulatory laws exist at the municipal, provincial and federal level, and can sometimes overlap with each other. In addition, in some cases individuals may face both criminal and regulatory charges stemming from the same incident. This can make regulatory law and the defence of regulatory offences relatively complex.  Some of the more common examples of overlap between criminal and regulatory offences include:


  1. Charges of impaired driving under the Criminal Code alongside charges under the Traffic Safety Act

  2. Charges of fraud under the Criminal Code alongside charges under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act


While regulatory offences are not the same as criminal offences, the consequences for conviction of a regulatory offence are very real and can be similar. These may include: jail, a fine, loss of license, forfeiture of assets, and prohibitions from engaging in certain activities. 


Yoav has significant experience in representing clients in relation to regulatory offences, including but not limited to:




Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act

Income Tax Act

Railway Safety Act 

Canada Wildlife Act 




Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act

Victims Restitution and Compensation Payment Act

Security Services and Investigators Act

Traffic Safety Act

Public Health Act



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