Restraining Orders are orders made by a Court that limit what a person can do in any way that the court deems appropriate. They are typically enforced by the police.


Restraining Orders are meant to protect persons, businesses, and even the general public in a wide range of situations. These can include alleged domestic violence, threats, child abuse, assault, harassment, stalking, or sexual assault.


A Restraining Order can have a significant impact on a person’s liberty, including who they can have contact with, their actions, and where they are allowed to be geographically. In some cases, this can cause excessive hardship to the person who is subject to the Order, such as preventing them from pursuing current employment or depriving them of rights to own, use, and enjoy property. Disobeying a restraining orders can result in civil or criminal penalties.


Yoav has a wide range of experience in defending and applying for restraining orders in disputes between neighbours, coworkers, dating relationships, parents, and adult children.  



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