Sexual offences commonly include: sexual assault, sexual interference, invitation to touching, luring, and voyeurism.  In the modern age of computers and internet, sexual offences have become more complex and occur across a wide range of electronic devices and interfaces including email, social media, and dating websites.

Preparing a defence for an alleged sexual crime requires careful file review and the potential to prepare an accused to testify in his or her own defence. Due to the “he said, she said” nature of such cases, much depends on the credibility and reliability of the alleged victim. Credibility refers to a witness’s willingness to tell the truth, while reliability refers to a witness’ accuracy in recalling events. Both credibility and reliability are tested by means of cross-examination by defence counsel in the course of a preliminary inquiry and/or trial.    

The mere allegation of a sexual offence can have lasting impacts on a person’s reputation, employment, and close personal relationships. A conviction for a sexual offence may include incarceration and continued monitoring and supervisions under the sex offender registry.

In defending yourself against such charges it is crucial to hire a lawyer familiar with trial strategy, criminal procedure, case preparation, and cross-examination techniques.

Yoav has significant experience defending clients charged with sexual and computer crimes. Since being called to the bar he has represented clients in relation to hundreds of sexual assault complaints. He has run many sexual assault trials. In appropriate cases, he successfully negotiates withdrawal of sexual offence charges in exchange for peace bonds and pleas to lesser offences such as common assault. Recently, he was lead counsel on a child exploitation case where the two police officers at the heart of the investigation said it was one of the largest ever undertaken by the Calgary Police Child Abuse Unit.  



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